Kirill Kronrod June 14th, 2004; mod. 6/20/04 Intro Another year Spent trying to make sense Of who you are, or what you mean, or could have been Well, darling, stop and take a snapshot of my day To see what colors on the black-n-white palette would remain You enter rooms And people cease to breathe Because they know they don't deserve same air that you breathe And time is standing still; the edge... and seconds tremblin' For every moment that you're here, it's Russian Roulette and I'm gamblin' And then you move And hurricanes are tearing hearts And continents are driftin', and oceans simply part And I'm standing on these banks, and waiting when you start To pave another bridge, just to return to square one And when you lie The moment words are leaving lips They turn into hard truth, because you change directions, West and East And nonsense makes a perfect sense, and old man turns into a child The trees are rising from the branches, and roots are growing from the sky Solo (Kira) And then you touch And then you hold, and then you burn You come and turn the Earth around, the waves are pulsing, strong and firm You resurrect above it all, the planet spins another turn The cities dip into the darkness, with hope of sun that would return You are the one The questions hanging in the air Before you say another word, before I make another prayer And pieces reach and pull together to form a brand new universe To end the conflicts that were ancient, and truth that we were giving birth Solo (Kira) Solo (Zhenya) © Kirill Kronrod, 2004
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